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chicken salad for sandwiches recipe

By Amit Singh Jan 31, 2022
Chicken Salad for Sandwiches

chicken salad for sandwiches recipe
chicken salad for sandwiches recipe 

chicken salad for sandwiches recipe
You must have enjoyed chicken sandwich outside many times, but you can also make and eat it at home. Apart from breakfast, you can also take it with tea at tea time. It will take only 15 minutes to make a salad for a chicken sandwich and make a chicken sandwich.

Ingredients to make Homemade Chicken Sandwich and chicken salad for sandwiches recipe.

You can also make it at home with bread mayonnaise, chicken, black pepper and some vegetables. Make sure you include it in the breakfast menu.

1. One cup of boiled chicken.
2. Mayonnaise in 1 tsp
3.1 tsp black pepper
4. two bread slices
5. a capsicum
6. a lettuce leaf

How to make chicken salad for sandwiches recipe 

*Separate the boiled chicken pieces in a bowl.

*Now add mayonnaise and black pepper to it.
Mix it well.

*Take bread and spread this mixture well.

*Finely chop the lettuce leaves and capsicum.

*Now put lettuce leaves and capsicum on the bread that you have put the mixer on.

*Place another bread slice on top. And cut it into two parts. Your sandwich chicken with chicken salad is ready. Serve with tomato ketchup.


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